31 octubre 2019


Lo nuevo que trae este firmware:

Updated items : (Version 1.09 1.10) [October 30, 2019]
1. APRS «Tune» (QSY) operation sets D-STAR gateway communication when D-STAR repeater information is included in the QSY information of the received APRS packets even if without frequency information. The update is based on a revision of the QSY format. For details, please refer to the following web page by WB4APR Mr. Bob Bruninga (updated on September 30, 2019). http://aprs.org/info/freqspec.txt
The following symptoms are revised.
1. APRS message line number may not be backed up when turning the transceiver off.
2. APRS telemetry packets may not be displayed correctly.

Resultado de imagen de KENWOOD TH D74"

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